Винный тур

Azerbaijani wine is produced in several regions throughout Azerbaijan. Prior to 20th century communist rule, Azerbaijan had a thriving wine industry that dated back to the second millennium BC. In Azerbaijan, wines made from grapes are called sharab (Azerbaijani: şərab) while wines from other fruits including apples, pomegranates and mulberry are called nabiz. Other sorts are called chakhyr (Azerbaijani: çaxır). According to historians, there are more than 450 different categories of wild grape found in Azerbaijan which had been used for wine-making throughout the history of Azerbaijan. We invite you to fact-finding walk in "Tovuzsky Cognac Club" a sdegustation of wines (you will be able to appreciate such famous brands as: "Azeri Nar", "Tovuz F", "Baki Ceyhan", "Merlad", "Bayat ı Şiraz", "Nizami").