Baku Airport Service

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An airport is an aerodrome with facilities for flights to take off and land. Airports often have facilities to store and maintain aircraft, and a control tower as the Border Guard Service, Customs, Ministry of National Security and Safety Service. Each of these bodies is a separate entity with its own laws, rules and regulations. Knowledge of these laws and regulations will allow you to avoid any confusion that may arise when passing through these services. This complex also includes service governing the work of the terminal, as well as the services which are responsible for receiving and sending the aircraft.


The first service, which meets the passenger upon departure at the airport, is Azerbaijan State Customs Committee. What do you need to know during the passage of the civil service?

The main activity of the customs is control over the smuggling of prohibited items for export as well as the duty on goods imported into the territory of the republic. When exporting the currencies and funds from our country we need to follow certain rules of law.


Before paragraph of customs control are established SCC bulletin boards, where the passenger can read the rules of filling of declarations as well as find to fill the blank forms of the declarations, which are in three languages.

After completing this declaration you must pass through customs control point, where the passenger puts his stuff on tape monitor to check the contents of suitcases. Special equipment at these points shows on the monitor the presence of the bag of gold and jewelry, as well as cultural values. After passing through the monitor, special metal detector also checks the passenger, then you need to come with your passport and customs declaration to the rack where the inspector checks the documents. The inspector is interested in the availability of goods and currency in the declaration, then if the passenger is nothing to declare checking by the state customs is completed. If the amount of money exceeds the limit for duty-free export, passenger approaches the checkout of Customs Committee, and receives a check according to money.


At the entrance to Azerbaijan two channel systems operate while passing through customs control. These are so-called red and green corridor. The decree which determines the rules of implementation of customs control over the goods and means of transport is aimed at the use of simplified rules for goods conveyed across the customs border. The point of this system is such that if the passengers do not have appropriate products to mandatory declaration, they can use the green corridor in which no customs control and monitor.

Otherwise, the passenger must fill out a customs declaration, he can be found at the information points directly before passing control and go through the red channel.

The red channel, marked with a red octagonal sign carrying the inscription “"GOODS TO DECLARE" and "BUNURI DE DECLARAT", is designed for individuals who have goods to declare in writing in hand and registered luggage.

This system is based on the integrity of the passengers, but in spite of the voluntary choice of employees of customs authorities have the right to stop and carry out customs clearance of any of the passengers. In Baku airport often it happens on arrival from Dubai and Urumqi. You have to remember that every passenger entering the country is responsible for its actions to the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Terms of customs clearance for foreigners are the same as for the citizens of Azerbaijan. If the currently available products are subject to mandatory declaration, the passenger can be found on the bulletin board right before passing customs control of the customs declaration form, fill it in and go through customs. If the guest does not come for a long time but he has a large amount of cash, which he will take out with himself then he is required to declare the money and sealed at the customs inspector.

Registration of tickets and baggage

Registration of tickets and baggage is usually engaged by employees of the airlines themselves. At the airport of Baku all the major airlines have their own agents for registration. These airlines like Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, British Airways also carry out the registration of tickets and baggage. Others airlines including Azal invites agents of the ground handling company for this reason. The function of the ground handling company is performed by Ground Handling Company in our airport .You can find the staff of this service by GHC Stripes logo on their uniforms. The ground services company, along with the registration of tickets is also engaged in ground handling of aircraft. Buses carrying passengers to the aircraft, luggage delivery on special machines, loaders are the elements of GHC.

In order to registering your ticket and baggage, the passenger with documents (passport and ticket) must go to the front desk, and provide these documents to the registrar. The registrar asks the passenger to put things on a special tape which is also electronic scales. Things of passengers are divided into two categories: checked baggage and not checked baggage. Entering your name to the system, registrar finds your reservation, and registers you, separates the first flight coupon of the ticket, notes the number and weight of baggage, then the system issues a baggage tag and boarding pass. The passenger stub is typically handed to the passenger or attached to the ticket envelope: to aid the passenger in identifying their bag among similar bags at the destination baggage carousel; as proof—still requested at a few airports—that the passenger is not removing someone else's bag from the baggage reclaim hall; and as a means for the passenger and carrier to identify and trace a specific bag that has gone astray and was not delivered at the destination. The carriers' liability is restricted to published tariffs and international agreements.

Passengers may carry certain items of personal use (bags, briefcases, laptop) as hand luggage total weight not exceeding 5 kg. These items are marked with a special tag and hand baggage is free to carry along with some personal belongings (umbrella, books, camera, video camera, stroller, wheelchair). The table below shows the checked baggage allowance on flights of “Azerbaijan Airlines” depending on class of services, itinerary, as well as the fares for excess baggage:

On flights operated by AZAL

Service Class Free baggage allowance Charge for the carriage of excess baggage
VIP Club

3 pc not exceeding

32 kg each

For each extra piece up to 23 kg  - 50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)


2 pcs

not exceeding

32 kg each

For each extra piece up to 23 kg  - 50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)

Comfort Club

2 pcs

not exceeding

32 kg each

For each extra piece up to 23 kg  - 50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)


1 pc not exceeding  23 kg

On flights Baku – New-York – Baku – 2 pcs of baggage not exceeding 23 kg

For each extra piece up to 23 kg  - 50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)


Pre-payment for each baggage (up to 23 kg inclusive) is possible at least 3 hours before departure at own sale offices of airlines and accredited agencies paying the sum of 40 EUR (30 GBP / 50 USD / 180 AED).

The sum of three dimensions of baggage (H х W х L) must not exceed 158cm. For children under 2 years old and traveling in the parents’ arms without a separate seat in the cabin of the aircraft are entitled for the carriage of 1 PC of baggage weighing up to 10kg and three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm free of charge. For children between 2 and 12 years free baggage allowance determined same as for adult passengers. In addition to free carriage of baggage allowance the passengers may carry objects (items) that may be needed during boarding, landing or in flight. Such objects (items) are:• Infant food during the flight and travel cradle for the Passenger with infant / children under 2 years old; Lightweight adjustable stroller for the passenger with infant / children under 2 years old (is carried in cargo compartment of the aircraft). Extra charges for overweight and oversize are applied both within the permissible norms and for additional piece of baggage. Baggage piece exceeding 32 kg can be accepted for the carriage only as cargo. Baby strollers and wheelchairs of all types are carried strictly in the baggage hold and accepted for the carriage free of charge in addition to the established free baggage allowance. 


The next point is passing a border or passport control. It is required to have a valid visa in the passport for Azerbaijani citizens traveling to countries with visa regime. Citizens of other countries must have a visa of Azerbaijan while traveling in Azerbaijan. If these procedures are not complied, border guards have right not to allow a passenger to fly and respectively remove from the flight. If the passport is all right and the passenger is not required a visa, border officer verifies passenger data in its database, puts a stamp in the passport of the departure and return documents. To avoid problems with the passport for people who travel frequently, they need to check passport’s availability of pages, where border guards put print on arrival and departure, as well as various visas. Also, foreigners must have an identity of temporary registration (ID Cards).

Security Service

Airport security refers to the techniques and methods used in protecting passengers, staff and planes which use the airports from accidental/malicious harm, crime and other threats. Security officers check the data in the passport and the ticket, as well as the presence of a boarding pass and then the passenger is allowed to land. A passenger passes their hand luggage through the special security monitor and passes through a special monitor and checked with a metal detector from the security personnel.

In hand luggage it is not recommended to take sharp and pointed objects, such as a pocket knife, cosmetic scissors, knitting needles, as well as any batteries. All items of this kind will be confiscated by security personnel. When confiscation is drawn up for the confiscation, a copy of which is given to a passenger or another trustee (representative of the airline example) within one month of the passenger can get this thing in the security office.

After passing through the security procedures associated with the passenger is in the drive and waiting for boarding a plane. Plane Landing made through direct gangway connecting directly to the plane or the bus that transported passengers to the aircraft standing on one of the sites. Before boarding the plane close member of the security service and the hostess checked the presence of a passenger boarding pass, and then the passenger indicated his seat on the plane

On board of the aircraft it is strictly forbidden to smoke. Violating this policy during landing at the destination can apply punitive sanctions. In the airport of Baku airport fire service is charged a penalty for smoking in the wrong place, including on board. Later airline passenger makes a name in the so-called black list on the basis of which to extract the data of passengers ticket prohibits. Smoking at the airport can be only in certain places. Certain places are marked by special signs.

Loss of Baggage

If the baggage does not arrive on your flight, you should contact to a representative of the airline, which must fill in the act and give a copy of the act to the passenger instead of taking the luggage tag.